Releasing a new version

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Creating a new release

These instructions are intended for Strawberry developers who want to release a new version.


  1. Make sure all critical issues reported on GitHub, or on the forum are solved.
  2. Make sure all builds are successful on GitHub, and on Buildbot.
  3. Ideally wait at least 1-2 weeks after larger changes to allow testing.
  4. Make sure all languages from Zanata that are 90% or more complete are included.

Create release

  1. Update the Changelog file by looking at the git log from the time of the last release.
  2. Bump the version number in `cmake/Version.cmake` and `Changelog`.
  3. Set INCLUDE_GIT_REVISION in `cmake/Version.cmake` to OFF.
  4. Create a new release on Github tagged with the new version commit.
  5. Wait until binaries are finished by Buildlbot.

Update sites with the new release

  1. Add all the files to the GitHub release.
  2. Add all the files to
  3. Update the Strawberry website with the new version.
  4. Update the macOS and Windows sparkle feeds.
  5. Update the openSUSE package at
  6. Update AppImageHub at
  7. Update

Announce the new release

  1. Announce the new release on the forums announcements.
  2. Announce it on Facebook.