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Strawberry uses GStreamer for the audio backend, to play different audio formats you need different plugins.

On Linux distributions you need to install individual packages to get support for different formats.

Windows and macOS releases have all the listed plugins bundled in the installer.

On Linux plugin files are usually installed in a directory called gstreamer-1.0, examples are.: /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0 or /usr/lib64/gstreamer-1.0

The gstreamer plugin files are called, for example


To check if a plugin is installed and properly detected, you can use.:

  gst-inspect-1.0 <plugin>

For example.:

   gst-inspect-1.0 flac


   Plugin Details:
     Name                     flac
     Description              The FLAC Lossless compressor Codec
     Filename                 /usr/lib64/gstreamer-1.0/
     Version                  1.20.3
     License                  LGPL
     Source module            gst-plugins-good
     Source release date      2022-06-15
     Binary package           openSUSE GStreamer-plugins-good package
     Origin URL     
     flacdec: FLAC audio decoder
     flacenc: FLAC audio encoder
     flactag: FLAC tagger
     3 features:
     +-- 3 elements


The base package is almost always installed whenever GStreamer is installed.

Plugin Type
ogg Ogg container formats
vorbis Ogg Vorbis decoding and encoding
opus Ogg Opus decoding and encoding


The good package is required for common formats such as FLAC and MP3.

Plugin Type
flac FLAC decoding and encoding
speex Speex decoding and encoding
wavpack WavPack decoding and encoding
mpg123 MP3 decoding
lame MP3 encoding
id3v2mux MP3 encoding (Adds ID3v2 tags)
soup HTTP/HTTPS client


Some distributions such as Fedora does not include some of the bad plugins for licensing reasons.

Plugin Type
faad AAC/MP4 decoding
faac AAC/MP4 encoding
fdkaac AAC/MP4 decoding and encoding
musepack MPC decoding
aiff AIFF decoding
asfmux Microsoft ASF format (WMA) encoding
openmpt Module music (MOD, S3M, XM, IT) decoding
bs2b Improve headphone listening of stereo audio records using the bs2b library
hls HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
dash Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)


Plugin Type
xingmux MP3 encoding (Add XING tags to mpeg audio files)
asf Microsoft ASF format (WMA) decoding
cdio Read audio from audio CDs


Plugin Type
libav Monkey's Audio, DSF, DSDIFF and Various formats supported through ffmpeg

MP3 encoding

For MP3 encoding (Transcoding to MP3 in Strawberry) you need both lame, id3v2mux and xingmux.