Database integrity check

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Database integrity check

Any problems listing songs in collection or playlists can be caused by a corrupt database. Run an integrity check on your database to make sure it is functional.

Linux and other Unix systems except macOS

Open a terminal windows.

 sqlite3 ~/.local/share/strawberry/strawberry/strawberry.db "pragma integrity_check"


Open a terminal window.

 sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Strawberry/Strawberry/strawberry.db
 pragma integrity_check;


Open the command prompt.

 cd "%PROGRAMFILES%\Strawberry Music Player\"
 sqlite3 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Strawberry\Strawberry\strawberry.db
 pragma integrity_check;

You can also remove the database file to start with a fresh new database, but you will then loose your collection setup and the playlists.

If you still experience database corruption, it could be a faulty hard drive.